Go Green with Campfire Sticks


            At Campfire Sticks we pride our product on being an environmentally clean and friendly alternative to cutting trees and their branches, using short/sharp metal skewers, and having to clean up sticky burnt-on marshmallows on reusable expensive roasters.

            The wood used in the manufacturing of our sticks is all a by-product, which means the trees used in their making weren’t cut with the purpose of making the sticks. The excess wood from other manufacturing is recycled and we use no whole trees in their making! Each Label is printed on recycled paper, helping to promote our sustainable use of resources.

Campfire Sticks wants to help make an impact on the future of our planet. Help do your part and preserve our great outdoors for future generations to enjoy! Join us in our efforts by purchasing today.


Here are a few things you can do on your next outdoor adventure to make a difference:


1.     Always start your fire in a designated cleared spot, make sure to check the local fire danger warnings and don’t let it get too big and out of control.

2.    If possible, burn driftwood, but if not, only burn wood that has died and fallen down. No cutting down the trees or their branches. No burning of ANY plastics or other wrappers. Most campgrounds sell firewood as well, it’s a good idea to help local business’.

3.    Never bring wood with you over long distances to burn; introduction of bugs living in the wood into their un-natural habitats can cause massive damage to the exposed forests eco-system.

4.    Stay on posted hiking or walking trails, going off the path can damage wildlife, flowers, and their seedlings. If bringing any four-legged companions bring a stake to tie their leash to, avoid tying around tree trunks because it can damage and delicate bark and lead to the trees pre-mature death.

5.    Bring plenty of bags to put all your trash in, including cigarette butts if you are a smoker, make sure to not burn any trash to pollute the air. It’s best to bring reusable dishes and silverware as well.

6.    If fishing, please use your campgrounds designated fish cleaning stations.

7.    Avoid using batteries, if you must, try to use rechargeable ones. Use crank powered radios and flashlights with LED lights.

8.    NEVER cut the Tree branches to roast marshmallows or anything over your campfire. Order your set of eco-friendly Campfire Sticks online today to help preserve our great outdoors and support the use of sustainable forests!